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Double Girder Electric Travelling Overhead Crane

2016/9/19 9:15:40, Visits:

Product brand: VANBON
Model: QD
Power: -
Place of origin: Shanghai
Lifting height: Shanghai
Lifting speed: -

Product Introduction:Brief introduction of   2-50 ton double girder bridge overhead crane &....

Brief introduction of   2-50 ton double girder bridge overhead crane 

 1. Operating cabin is divided into 3 type-open, closed and airconditioned types.


2. The platform for cabin is divided into 3 types according to the entrance poison-side, end or top entrance. 


3. The dimension Ho is the extra height added from crane bumper. 


4. The crane is suitable for both operating environments-indoor and outdoor. When placing order, user should point the highest and lowest temperature around crane as well as the power resource. 


5. The overload limiter and the big screen indicator and some sorts of protective devices are added, crane is used with safe operation. 



We design and manufacture custom-built cranes according to customer specifications. When you order the cranes from us, please give us the detail of your requirements and your using situation, we will be the one to ensure what we offer is totally according to your requirement. And our components are designed with the idea of adjustment free and according to the lift time of the crane, so you can always rely on the functioning of the cranes.

2. Parameters of   2-50 ton single/double girder bridge overhead crane


lifting capacity(t)257.5101520253250
max lifting height(m)20141814
main lifting speed(m/min)A512.612.
trolley travelling speed(m/min)
main lifting motor(m/min)a5131317131726264255
trolley motor(kW)
work dutyA5-A6
power supplyAC 220-690V,50Hz







  1. First class quality with competitive price

  2. Compact design, optimal use of the work areas

  3. Reasonable structure, favorable performance

  4. Control the load easily and position the load exactly

  5. Smooth starting and stopping

  6. Superior safety and reliability

  7. Low noise, commodious cabin and good view

  8. Minimum and easy maintenance, excellent exchangeability for components

  9. Saving electricity


Pls inform us the following data when you place an order of our products:


1,load capacity


2,lifting height




4,crane moving distance


5,lifting speed


6.working conditions









Electric hoist single beam crane

1, End beam:
Adopt european-style beam structure, strict and high quality.The wheel group is the product seriation, with center shaft spline drive, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance.
The triad drive mechanism, F class insulation frequency conversion motor, electric sustained rate of 40%, ED, reliable quality, novel style and small beautiful beautiful.Small size light weight, low noise high efficiency and easy installation walk smoothly, safe and reliable braking sensitive (parking or power can be in 1 seconds automatically brake), and frequency control of motor speed, it represents the world technology development trend in this century.

2, main girder:
Welding box, camber in accordance with national standards.
Web materials by cutting the whole picture, to ensure the smooth shape of the camber curve and precision.
Automatic submerged arc welding, NDT is used in the main weld.
The whole beam shot blasting treatment after welding, achieve Sa2.5 level, eliminate the welding stress.
Epoxy zinc-rich paint, the bottom of the two sides, 140 mu of thick, long life, beautiful appearance, good luster.

3, Hoist:
Leading technology ensures the limit of size of product optimization design, compact structure under guarantee performance and efficient, for in the same plant and work area, application of KF wire rope electric hoist can cover a large range, reduce the blind area.If used in plant design phase is the KF series of product design parameters, can greatly reduce the requirement for plant height, saving investment, synergistic authors for the customer.
High quality lifting drive ensures the smooth and efficient running safety, compact structure design to ensure that the hook size minimum offset, lifting with double speed (frequency), the car are variable frequency standard, ensure the efficient operation, workshop of lifting equipment to promote the efficiency of logistics, ensure customer duly perform all the work plan.
Section, lifting the proprietary technology, has a variety of protection functions, devices to ensure safe and reliable operation, its operation monitoring unit can be running state of operation of the electric hoist, motor and the calculation of safety work cycle of detailed records, and provide warnings.All records can provide the data for maintenance, to understand the root of the problem, let the crane maintenance plan more timely and reasonable.

4, electrical:
Configuration phase protection function.
Using crane dedicated vibration control contactor.
Electric cabinet anti-corrosion, protection level is IP55.
Control box layout is reasonable, easy to maintenance.
Trolley mobile power supply system by the flat cable, galvanized slides and cable small block, sliding smoothly.


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