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3 Ton Electric Chain Hoist with Trolley

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Product brand: VANBON
Model: WBH-03003SE
Power: 1.5Kw
Place of origin: SHANGHAI
Lifting height: SHANGHAI
Lifting speed: 2.2M/Min

Product Introduction:3 Ton Single Speed Electric Chain Hoist with Trolley(WBH-03003SE)Product DescriptionHoist Product Fe....

3 Ton Single Speed Electric Chain Hoist with Trolley(WBH-03003SE)
Product Description

Hoist Product Features:
1 Shell
Made of die-cast aluminum alloy, light but hard.
2 Motor
Adopt the Side Magnetic Series YEP Braking Motor.
3 Gear
Made of alloy steel by carburizing quenching treatment. Thus transmission with low noise and high efficiency is guaranteed.
4 Inverse phase sequence protecting device
Controls the circuit not to work in case of wiring error in the power supply.
5 Side Magnetic Braking Device
Allows instant brake as soon as the electric power is cut off.
6 Chain bag
Light, attractive and durable.
7 Chain
FEC G80 chain
8 Hook
Hot forging with perfect strength that is hard to break.


Technical Parameters

Standard Lifting Height(m)3
Lifting Speed(m)
Lifting MotorPower(kw)0.751.
Rotation Speed(r/min)1440
Operating MotorPower(kw)
Rotation Speed(r/min)1440
Operating Speed(m/min)11/21
Chain Turns1
Chain Specification Ø6.3Ø7.1 Ø10.0 Ø10.0 Ø11.2 Ø11.2 
Test Load(t)0.6251.251.8752.53.1253.75
Weight Added with 1m Higher(kg)0.811.

Size Specification

KØ35 Ø40 Ø47 Ø47 Ø58 Ø58 















Company Information


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Company introduction

SHANGHAI WANBO HOISTING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a hoist factory located in Jiading Shanghai since 2008, we now set up our new huge factory in Yancheng Jiangsu in 2015.
We specialized in manufacturing Electric Chain Hoist & Wire Rope Hoist , Chain Block & 
Lever Block , Crane & Spare Parts, we now have our distributors in 35 countries.

We are responsible to meet the unique requirements of the customer – with high-quality 
products and first - class service . In support of advancing and modernizing cranes and 
hoists, engineers must constantly innovate to optimize performance, efficiency and safety. 
As the leading supplier in China, our innovative and reliable equipment and technologies 
enable us to deliver highly productive solutions that positively impact profitability and 
efficiency for our customers.


sale 3ton electric chain hoist wholesale

Where is your factory located ?

We have our factory both in Shanghai and Jiangsu, We start the Shanghai factory since 2008, Jiangsu is our new factory set up in 2015, as now the Shanghai government push the factory who have the painting plant which have the pollution to the environment to other cities.

How far is it from your Shanghai factory to your Jiangsu new factory ?

2.5hours by driving a car.

How many customers you have in the world ?

For Vanbon , we have the policy to find not more than 3dealers in one country.

What is your target in the hoist career ?

Vanbon strives to be the leading brand for electric hoist in China, and we also want to set up our brand in other counties, we need to satisfy our dealers by high quality, best service and good

Do you always go for exhibition?

Yes , normally we choose Canton Fair in Guangzhou and Bauma EXPO in Shanghai, also some exhibitions abroad, once we have our end customers we will give to our dealers.


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Packaging & Shipping

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